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Is Your Nervous System Dysregulated? 

When a system is dysregulated the resting baseline is higher, leading to quicker reactions rather than measured responses. Sometimes somatic awareness and reregulation integration needs space to move through all the levels in the body, from the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive, and skeletal systems.

If  this applies to you, it may be worth exploring

Somatic Therapy:  

  • Struggle with knowing, sensing, and communicating your needs

  • Difficulty in being present to your body sensations

  • Vivid and varied uncomfortable body sensations or unexplainable aches

  • Feel unreasonably suspicious or weary of others’ intentions

  • Strong, overwhelming fears of failure or success

  • Difficulty concentrating because of overwhelming thoughts

  • Experience an excessive need to plan for and be in control of your life

  • Struggle with feelings of dissociation and disconnection

  • Difficulty with sleep, digestion, and other physiological needs

  • Feel especially foggy or out of touch with reality for a prolonged period of time


What is Somatic Experiencing? 

Trauma need not be something drastic. Trauma as defined by Dr. Peter Levine is anything that is too soon too much or too fast for the body to respond and reregulate. Somatic Experiencing is a holistic mind-body integration and stress regulation approach resetting the natural rhythm of the nervous system and helps to increase one's capacity to cope with stress from a place of intentional response rather than spontaneous reaction. SE focuses on developing coherence between the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous systems, to unfreeze stuck responses, to restore the defense response, to promote a reregulation of stress.


 Somatic Experiencing focuses on nervous system regulation and providing closure to traumatic symptoms. As observed in evolutionary psychology, when animals face a threat, there is a release of chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol to signal preparation for attack. When the threat passes, survival reactions shift toward release of that stress, with movements such as shaking, sighing, or stretching before the animal returns to normal behavior. 


Do You Want To Feel Free & Light in Mind,  Body, & Soul? 

Regulated autonomic nervous systems can induce a state of “biological completion” in which stuck arousal energy is released and the system is restored to balance. A resilient nervous system is one that can move back and forth between alertness and rest. 

Benefits of Somatic Experiencing  Include: 

  • Fewer body and emotional pains

  • Easier and more effective completion of daily activities

  • More positive and stable affect and moods

  • Increased compassion toward oneself and others

  • Positive changes in behavior, attitudes, and beliefs

  • More constructive and heart-centered communication

  • Increased problem-solving capacity

  • Greater openness and mindset flexibility

  • Clearer reasoning capabilities and a deeper breadth of intuitive knowing

  • Increased calm and confidence throughout your day

  • Greater ease in learning new abilities and skills

  • Asserting and practicing resilience

  • Embodied mind-body-heart integration

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Humans have a natural negativity bias, focusing on threat more than safety. Approximately 80% of the way our brains valuate safety or threat comes from messages from the internal organs via neurons connected to the vagus nerve. Outdated holding patterns in the body perpetuate a feeling of threat and trauma responses continue in spite of our cognitive minds telling us that it is safe. Our mind/body may respond to threats from the past that are no longer present. Without intervention, the body gets worn down by the hyperarousal and the lack of subsequent regulation. This can lead to deleterious consequences over the long run. Do not continue to stay stuck in a cage of your own making!

I have a deep conviction about harnessing the wisdom of the body to find integration from within. At its best, SE aligns me as a conduit to facilitate others. I open myself up energetically to be receptive to you and your needs. I offer a holistic therapeutic approach targeted to fit client needs, and am dedicated to investigating and guiding experiences in the somatic ethereal realm while also staying rooted in proven scientific methods and techniques.

As a practitioner I am keenly attuning to the client’s body experience and I am passionate about the impact and potency of somatic experiencing. My hope is that you experience greater peace of mind, softness of heart, and conviction in your life choices after somatic experiencing sessions. Rooted in my offerings is a clarification and attunement to a new way of relating to the nervous system. I consider it very much a sacred service. If you resonate with this, do not hesitate to schedule a free consult!    

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Structure of Sessions

In a heart-centered place I can be of service in assisting to forge a path for others based on individual body response. The structure of SE-based therapy is informed by where the body feels safe to explore. We assess, establish emotional safety, and enter into the body in a measured, titrated way. Working with the gut and the nervous system is a serious and meaningful work, as they provide clarity about what feels like resonance or dissonance in the body. There is value in learning to feel and discern what feels good and what doesn’t. I invite everyone ready to delve deep to participate in this growth experience.


If you’re ready to release past experiences, move on from fight or flight nervous system dysregulation and transition into a calmer, more balanced life, let’s discuss how somatic-based sessions can alleviate your pain, insecurities and strife! Free 30-minute consult is available through the calendar. Book an initial consult now and let’s evaluate what sessions can do for you!

  • somatic experiencing

  • nonviolent communication (NVC) 

  • sensate focus

  • trauma resiliency model (TRM) 

  • schema-focused cognitive therapy

  • narrative therapy model

  • trauma releasing exercises (TRE)

  • inner child work

  • personal projects analysis (PPA)

  • tantric and conscious sexuality techniques

  • cross-cultural psychology

  • rebirthing and biodynamic breathwork

  • theater drama therapy and theater of the oppressed exercises

  • emotional freedom technique (EFT)

  • imago relationship therapy

  • intuitive wisdom practices

  • developmental trauma/  C-PTSD

  • spirituality and philosophy

  • emotional labor and feminism

  • boundary-setting/ healthy self-esteem

  • bioenergetics

  • dance movement psychotherapy

  • authentic relating

  • overcoming trauma bonding and narcissistic abuse

  • somatic sexological bodywork 

  • conscious sexuality

  • relationship repair/ conflict resolution

  • attachment trauma

  • diversity and immigration issues

  • community building and activism

  • socio-economic inequality, privilege and access

  •  death/ rebirth psycho-emotional cycles

  • indigenous practices, traditions and teachings

  • sexuality through the lens of religion

  • alienation and anomie resulting from capitalism

  • gender identity and LGBT-issues

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Topics of Interest 

Conceptual Foundations and Techniques 

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