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10 steps to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved: A somatic visualization exercise

Updated: May 22, 2020

1) Breathe into the difficult parts inside. What are the sensations around it?

2) Allow difficult emotions to be present. What happens?

3) Meditate on those fault lines where your self-love begins to fall apart. Where do you feel that fracture first in your body? Does it have a taste or a color?

4) Now take those uncomfortable sensations alive inside of you and imagine it has moved completely to one side of your body and then move it outside of you, like pushing out waves. Visualize it moved on the left or right side of your perception.

5) Now imagine yourself as a trusting, whole, integrated human. Feel what happens in your body at the thought.

6) Live that fully. Sensations, smells, images. Bask in the totality of your being, full and complete.

7) Take a few breaths in that ecstacy from within, living that truth fully, and then visually imagine you moving the energy to the opposite side of your body. Feel the difference between this side and the other side that carries the weight of the past, the weight of pain.

8) When you have fully taken that in, motion that arm with the lightness inside out, like you are pushing waves of water away from you.

9) Repeat with both arms out. Move both those sets of feelings outside of you. Look at it, both sides, and take in the somatic sensations. How does it feel to see both aspects of you?

10) Take a few breaths and then slowly begin to visualize both those aspects of you coming together in one shape, one form. Notice bodily sensations. Notice if there is a shift in how you feel about either sets of emotions.

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